The success story of our gardens

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Summer Breakfast and Lunch Program

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We want to express our most sincere thanks to The Donna ISD for our successful partnership and for helping us continue our mission. Our breakfast and lunch program in the Colonias was a big accomplishment. We distributed more than 2,000 meals during the Summer Meal Program which helped many children in need. The success of this pilot program will evolve to other Donna ISD communities helping many more families in need in coming years.

International Migrants Day

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International Day MCheck out the resources section to find a workshop guide for your congregation, Bible study group or any other gathering interested in discussing the phenomenon of migration within a biblical setting.

Immigrants or criminals?

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This is one of the ankle bracelets fitted to a refugee from El Salvador

This is one of the ankle bracelets fitted to a refugee from El Salvador


Check out the following video on Facebook on the developing situation of fitting refugees with tracker ankle bracelets.

 To see video, click below:

Baby, it’s cold outside!

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 People don’t usually think of snow and immigrants in Texas in the same sentence. But most of the families released from the local detention centers are headed north to states like Minnesota, Illinois or Pennsylvania. They have temporary legal status, they have a bus ticket and a sponsor awaiting them, but nothing else.

Most of these families come from warm countries in Central America or Western Africa. The only clothes they have are those they are wearing and are unserviceable after a week or more in a detention center without showers or toiletries.

Luckily there is a non-profit Welcome Center only a block away from tbusinsnowhe McAllen bus station that provides these families with food, showers and, most importantly, new clothes. The Center is operated by Catholic Charities and relies entirely on donations. However, most of the clothes they receive are given with thoughts of a Texan climate.

This is why La Frontera has stepped in, spearheading an effort to collect cold-weather clothing for the long journey ahead. Traveling in below-zero weather without adequate protection can be as hazardous as many of the obstacles faced on the journey to the U.S. So we encourage you to step in and help at least one person stay safe from the cold.



Changes come to La Frontera Ministries

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We are happy to announce our Family garden Program is up and running. These gardens are producing fruits and vegetables and developing a healthy life style for our families..

Keep posted for updates on our progress and opportunities to help spread our ministry.

Our History

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LFMII was organized in 2009 and was certified as a nonprofit organization in September 2011. LFMII has its roots in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and serves communities and individuals in context on both sides of the border between the U.S. and Mexico. In search of peace and justice, LFMII equips, supports and builds through programs that are aimed at solving the problems of literacy, immigration, domestic violence, poverty, community needs and issues of the border, transforming lives.